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Introducing the Haunts, a crew of nightmares and horrors. The creatures that go bump in the night.

You are gremlins, ghosts and ghouls. The city’s nightmares drawn together. You are the monsters that lurk in Doskvol’s shadows, and the city has so, so many of those.

Are you drawn together out of sinister purpose or hope for something better?

The Haunts is a custom crewbook for Blades in the Dark by John Harper, designed to let you play a gang of ghouls and enact all of your gothic heart's desires. 

The different abilities and hunting grounds point towards different narratives. Do you want to be terrors, perhaps for hire, roaming the streets of Doskvol? Are you a gang of outcasts and ghosts protecting the haunted building you call home? Or are you just in it for the mayhem - an accursed carnival, trying to bring about a night of darkness and revelry?

This playbook was inspired by the sheer array of uncanny, spooky and monstrous playbooks created for the Unusual Suspects jam. Here are some favourites, that might work well with the crew:

  • The Amalgam by skaughttoA patchwork person.
  • The Barghest by Briar SovereignA terrible and foreboding omen.
  • The Bounded by Jacky LeungA lost soul, craving dark desires.
  • The Clown by StrixAn unhinged entity and life of the party.
  • The Crone-Touched by jumblesaleA person haunted by a strange crone.
  • The Demonbound by Brock McCordA damned soul, fused with a demon in exchange for power.
  • The Dustman by eatyourcerealAn introspective collector of the dead.
  • The Gill-man by skaughttoA patchwork person.
  • The Medium by Adreneline GamesA haunted and eccentric oracle.
  • The Skeleton by meA clacking assortment of accursed bones. 
  • The Stranger by Justin Fords. An unusual soul blessed with strange talents.
  • The Swarm by skaughttoAn arcane critter specialist.
  • The Welded by Zoheb MashiurAn amalgam of flesh and machinery.
  • The Werebeast by skelpielimmerA shifting horror disguised as human.
  • ...and of course the Ghost, Hull and Vampire playbooks from Blades in the Dark.
  • The crew is a work in progress. I'm pretty happy with most of it, but there's a few abilities I'd love to refine and make a little more exciting. If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

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    AuthorAdam Dixon
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