New rolebooks: the Guardian and the Binder! Fully funded on Indiegogo!

Let's start with the exciting news - Ryne is now fully funded on Indiegogo! That means that we're going to be able to print the game as the beautiful hardback book we've always imagined, filled with lots of lovely art from some of our favourite illustrators. We still have more than two weeks left of the campaign, with some great stretch goals lined up including being able to bring Everest Pipkin (The Ground Itself, World Ending Game) and Ema Acosta (Crescent Moon, The Exiles) onto the team to write some guest territories!

You might have noticed some recent updates to the Ryne playkit on itch. As the campaign has been going on we've been adding some new bits to the files. So far, we've added two new rolebooks - the Binder and the Guardian. You can download them for free in the files. We're planning on adding some new rolebooks, a story seed and maybe a couple of extras over the next couple of weeks.

The Binder

The Binder is able to manipulate the threads of spirit that tangle the world, using them to infuse their work. They might be a craftsperson, a mechanic, a fixer or someone trained to deal with the supernatural. Playing the Binder lets you explore the magical elements of Ryne and experiment with how the Remnants and their concepts work.

The Binder

The Binder's core moves let them gather strands of emotion and use them to create unique effects: that might mean making a living machine, a legendary weapon or a set of crockery that is infused with memories of home.

Scavenger lets you choose the particular ways that your Binder gathers their material - strands of emotion and concept. Do they take loose strands that people shed as they walkthrough the world? Do they create nets and spindles to trawl for thread floating in the air?

There are lots of different ways that the Binder can use what they collect, each move giving a unique twist on your character. You might use spirit to power your own body, bind deals, or invent new things.

The Guardian

If you were to ask us about our favourite rolebooks, the Guardian would sit somewhere high on our list. Most of our rolebooks tend to use their names in multiple ways, this is especially true for them. The Guardian has two sides. They are a tough and deadly fighter, as well as being the Guardian of a child.

When you create your Guardian, you'll decide who they are, their skills and competencies. Are they a legend, able to go toe to toe with dangerous envoys and overrule authorities with their reputation?  Are they someone forced to fight for their family, skilled sure, but pushing themselves for those they care about?

As well as your Guardian, you'll also create a second character using a mini  rolebook - the Charge. The Charge is a child, someone you've sworn to keep safe and raise as your own. They might be your own kin or someone in harms way. 

When you start play, your change is largely an NPC. Decisions about who they are, and the actions they take, are shared between the player and the Fates. As you play, the Charge will grow - both because of what you teach them and what they learn on their own. They gain moves and abilities, becoming a second character with a life of their own. Will they take after you or follow their own path?

With the addition of the Binder and the Guardian, there are a total of six rolebooks in the playkit. The book will have ten, so we'll have more previews to show during (and after) the campaign. If you play with the new rolebooks we'd love to hear how it goes!


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Jul 22, 2022
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