Last couple of days to back Ryne!

We've reached the last 48 hours of Ryne's Indiegogo campaign!

We're funding to be able to print Ryne as a lush, hardback book, finish developing and editing the game, and commission new art. We've already hit 100% funding, as well as a couple of our stretch goals! If you've not checked out the campaign already, you can find out more here.

We've just about reached our second stretch goal, which will allow us to bring in guest designers to create some example landscapes and titans for the book. We'll be working with Everest Pipkin (World Ending Game, The Ground Itself) and Ema Acosta (Crescent Moon, The Exiles). We're huge fans of their games and can't wait to see what they come up with. Definitely check out their work if you haven't already!

Our third stretch goal will see us add two new rolebooks to the game, as well as expand our rules and tools for communities. The two new rolebooks include the Tender, who is all about growing, foraging and living off the land; and the Elder, who is the head of a family and can shift between different characters, as the story needs. The third stretch goal is a little way off (£5,000), so we might not reach it, but we'd love to try. You can help us by sharing, backing and talking about the game!

What next?

After the crowdfunding campaign is over we'll be moving into the final few stages of Ryne's development. Our first two targets are to create a new playtest version of the game, incorporating the new rolebooks and rules we've been using in our own games. After that is released, we'll be turning it into the final manuscript for Ryne (incorporating people's feedback as we do so!)

Honestly, after two months of talking about the game and focusing on marketing, we can't wait to get back into working on it!

A new actual play

We released a new actual play, showcasing Ryne's rules. We've shared one episode so far, showcasing one of Ryne's story seeds - the Path. The game features guests including Ben Meredith (The Magnus Archives), Sasha Sienna (MacGuffin & Co.) and Luke Jordan (Games from the Wildwood). We've been having a great time playing with them and will be releasing new episodes soon!

If you missed it in our other updates, the Path is the second of our story seeds. It focuses on a long journey, spanning multiple landscapes. It might be a pilgrimage to a fallen titan, a caravan escaping a destructive force or a lost group trying to find their way home. The Path includes a worldbuilding game where you create a map of possible places you might visit, which we showcase in episode 1. We've added the Path to the playkit, so you can use it in your games!

Thank you for all of your support so far - lets see if we can hit those final couple of stretch goals!

 - adam & thryn

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