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The remnants shape our world - restless colossi that twist the landscape to their will. The Vacant are physical beings, vast titans of rock, metal and flesh; the Echoes are beings of spirit, metaphysical and uncanny.

We live in their shadow, making peace with their influence. To survive we offer tribute and show respect, learn how to live in their territory.

Ryne is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a world of strange colossi, shifting landscapes and untied spirits. It's designed to tell stories of a world bigger than humanity, tapping into the emotions of your characters and the landscape, using the story-focused Powered by the Apocalypse Engine.

It was originally written for the actual play podcast These Flimsy Rituals.


  • Emotions not stats. Based on The Veil's states system, in Ryne your roll is modified by your character's feelings. Are they better at acting when they're scared? Do they fall apart when they get angry? Rolling with emotions helps players tap into the mood of both their character and the landscape.
  • Spirit is material. Ghosts walk freely, a web of spirit crosses the world. In Ryne, the ethereal is as real as the physical. When you face danger you risk taking wear as well as wounds. Different rolebooks interact with the spirit world in different ways. Binders use spirits to infuse objects, Weavers can sense the web and, Unravelling can breach the thin gap between the physical and the spiritual.
  • ...death is not the end. Play as a spirit! You can either start with the rolebook or, if things go south, change to it during play.
  • Focus on the landscape. Explore strange landscapes were pathetic fallacy is made literal. The remnants, strange god-like titans, warp the nearby terrain according to their domain. A remnant of grief might create a landscape of tombstones, one of perfection might rule a meadow filled with a thousand replicas of the same flower.
  • A broad humanity. A remnant's influence isn't limited to the landscape. Each character gets a humanity, a way in which they represent the area they are from. Photosynthesis, extra-arms, boiling blood - use them in play to overcome obstacles.

In development

Ryne is currently in active development. The current rules are version 0.01, as such they contain the basics that you need to play, but not everything. You should be fine if you've played a Powered by the Apocalypse game before or I'm happy to answer any questions over at the These Flimsy Rituals Discord.

If you play the rules, let me know how it goes!

Any donations will go towards the future development of the game, including commissioning more art.


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Ryne Pre-Release Rules v0.01.pdf 1 MB

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