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The remnants shape our world - restless colossi that twist the landscape to their will. The Vacant are physical beings, vast titans of rock, metal and flesh; the Echoes are beings of spirit, metaphysical and uncanny.

We live in their shadow, making peace with their influence. To survive we offer tribute and show respect, learn how to live in their territory.

Ryne is an in development roleplaying game of journeys and community. It's set in a world of strange titans, restless spirit and shifting landscapes.

You will play as the people trying to negotiate this patchwork world. A guide forging new paths across ever-changing terrain, a weaver negotiating with spirits to protect their community, or a fledgling trying to find their place in the world.

Ryne uses the Powered by the Apocalypse engine to help you tell slow fantasy stories, giving you space to explore the detail of your world and characters. At the core of this is the emotions system. When we roll, we use the character's emotion, asking how our character is feeling. The results of that roll shapes our story.

It's inspired by The Tales of Earthsea, Shadow of the Colossus, Banner Saga, Studio Ghibli’s fantasy films like Princess Mononoke, The Broken Earth Trilogy, Friends at the Table, as well as folklore, ghost stories and tales of the supernatural.


  • Emotions not stats. In Ryne your roll is modified by your character's feelings. Do they find composure in scary situations? Do they fall apart when they get angry? Rolling with emotions helps players tap into the mood of both their character and the landscape.
  • Spirit is material. Ghosts walk freely, a web of spirit crosses the world. In Ryne, the ethereal is as real as the physical. Different rolebooks interact with the spirit world in different ways - Binders infuse it into artefacts and strange devices, the Unravelling tear whole concepts apart to weave their spells and Hearts can rewrite the world's story.
  • Death is not the end. Play as a spirit and explore how concept and emotion shape the world.
  • Focus on the landscape. The remnants, strange god-like titans, warp the nearby terrain according to their domain. A remnant of grief might create a landscape of tombstones, one of perfection might rule a meadow filled with a thousand replicas of the same flower.
  • A broad humanity. A remnant's influence isn't limited to the landscape. Each character gets a humanity, a way in which they represent the area they are from. Photosynthesis, extra-arms, quills or scales - use them in play to shape the story.
  • Long term development. Ryne is designed to let you tell stories over time, watching as seasons and years pass. Advancement is tied to hitting story beats, from falling in love for the first time to protecting your home from calamity. Advancement doesn't just mean getting better, it means change, as moves alter and things once treasured are left behind.
  • Tools for the GM. Ryne has a range of tools to help you to run it. Territory sheets help you to design different regions and their remnants, whether as prep or collaboratively. Threats and omens help you foreshadow what's to come and make the character's lives interesting.

The playkit 

Download the free playkit below and get started playing Ryne. It's designed to have everything you need to play for a session or two. It'll guide you through the rules and world, providing a short, no-prep story framework to guide you through play - while still focusing on collaboration. 

There are four rolebooks included. 

  • The Binder can shape spirit, taking fragments of people's stories, memories and doubts and infusing them into objects. 
  • The Fledgling is someone at the edge of adulthood, they can push the adults around them telling them how they're wrong about the world! 
  • The Guardian is a warrior who has found a new reason to fight, they have a charge in their care to teach and protect. 
  • The Guide knows the territory better than anyone, they're good at forging paths and finding what they need in the landscape.

Help us playtest!

Ryne is currently in development. We're aiming to Kickstart it sometime in 2021.

If you want to get access to the full development rules and help us to test the game, sign up to our playtest mailing list.

If you play the game, whether the playkit or the full rules, let us know how it went. You can get in touch in the comments below, at @furtiveshambles or through the These Flimsy Rituals Discord.


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